Sports Nutrition


This sport nutrition to help support oxygen delivery to working muscles.*A Complete and balanced  Formula of Muscle Milk Collegiate contains many designed, fats, Protein carbohydrates.

Human milk contains highly and unique  complex peptides and Protein , which promote rapid increases and  recovery in lean mass. This sport nutrition is comprised of like Proteins including beta and alpha  micellar caseins,whey isolates,Protein hydrolysate, whey concentrates,  alpha-lactalbumin.


Sports nutrition

•There are many sports  bars, drinks,  powders and gels that claim to assist increasing muscle mass, such as Up & Go liquid meal, Musashi bulk, carbohydrate gels, sports drinks.



•if you want to have the best effects you should  combine it with carbohydrate ◦Protein Shakes to make at home-protein supplements the  cheap and  easy way

•if you want to know more information read ◦ article about protein bars

•pure one hundred percent protein is no good




•you should follow a specific protocol for best effect

•this sport food don’t has a serious side effects, but  anecdotal claims (gastric effects,cramps, ), this food additive therefore not for everyone

•This sport food works to improve increase weight and intermittent exercise effort

Amino Acids

•better results in combination

•if you take amino acid, you may have there are some side effects , such as: inc. loss of calcium,kidney damage,  dehydration,gout

•if you want to know more information about Amino Acids call you doctor or read the article Amino Acids


Rules For Modern BCAA

Modern BCAA is developed  under strict and accurate rules:

•No Artificial Colors

•No Regular L-Glutamine•Refreshing Taste

•BCAA Ratio formulation with mTOR activation in mind

•Mix Clean

•Ultra-Micronized Results & Value


This sport nutrition has 3 incredibly refreshing flavors:

•Fruit Punch

•White Blue Raspberry

•Grape Bubblegum (mixes clean with slight purple tint)


Many people in the USA suffer from obesity. We should to think how struggle against this problem. Very nessesary to keep a balanced diet every day and staying physically active in order to maintain a healthy weight and optimum mental health.

Balanced diet  and regular exercise are the most important component of a healthy life. People  who do lead active lifestyles are generally live longer and less likely to get ill .

We carried out research and it showed that 39% of women and 44% of men were said they sedentary for 7 or more hours at weekends, and 33% of women and  32%   of men said they were sedentary for five or more hours on weekdays .