How does L-Carnitine effect the heart?

dymatize_carnitine_liquidSome time ago some negative information has appeared in press about l-carnitine. In short the researches published in the online journal Nature Medicine has informed that oral taken l-carnitine may transformed in the process of metabolism by mean of intestinal bacteria to a substance named trimethylamine (TMA), which is then metabolized into trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). In the theory TMAO interferes the extraction of the excess cholesterol and let it penetrate into the artery walls. As supposed it is a possible reason for increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

To investigate the question more detailed we invite to look closer at l-carnitine.

You should remember that every medicine should be taken in accordance with prescribed dose. A decreased or increased doe may be harmful for the health. Examples of excess or deficit may be water, sodium or carbohydrate substances:

  • Water deficit kills a living being, but too much water (in medicine called “water Intoxication”) is also mortal.
  • The lack of sodium has name as hyponatremia and is life-threatening. Too much sodium causes hypernatremia, this state has also possible lethal consequences.
  • Too much carbohydrates (sugar) causes diabetic disease, yet when the blood sugar exchange is too high, to take carbohydrates during sport exercise is permissible and recommended.

About BCAA

Hello. When I read the article about BCAA I found some contradiction, and I want to learn professional opinion and crossed the it’s before I send it on. My main enemy is a catabolism.I read the article where was written that these amino acids just possess antikatabolichesky action and this is a big plus for me.

Nutrition choice for young sportsmen

sportnutritionThe experts in sports nutrition think that the proper diet and development of the power supply system for young sportsmen means a lot in the future victories and sport achievements of the young athletes.

The stomachs of the sport participants should not be overloaded with food on the eve of the sport event. Still sportsmen should receive much energy necessary for muscle performance and exclusion of fatigue. The experts converge in opinion that a young sportsman should eat 2-3 hours before the competition. Drinking enough fluid is also important for preparation for the event. Water is considered to be the best liquid, soda and fruit drinks containing much sugar should be avoided.

The great physical activity that young athletes have requires the appropriate balance of nutrition. It is hard to make a nutrition plan for athletes from different sports, still the model is a balanced diet containing all the nutrients necessary for numerous activities of a sportsman.


The effect of protein is that it helps to synthesize protein molecules of the body, including muscle tissue. Amino acids of the protein prevent muscle breakdown during trainings, and provide active muscle growth. In other words, protein is responsible for growing and increasing muscle power. Young athletes must get enough protein in their daily diet.young athletes


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in our body. They should be included in every day diet of a young athlete for normal functioning of the body.

The diet of an athlete must contain high amounts of carbohydrates because only carbohydrates can give a lot of energy per unit time.


The shortage of fat in the diet of an athlete reduces the endurance and performance athlete. A diet of a young sportsman should contain fat. Not enough fat increases the amount of lactic acid in the body of an athlete. Besides, fat in the optimal concentrations is a source of energy for the heart.

Whey Protein


Whey Protein containing very little lactoseIt,carbohydrate and fat. It  is a natural protein present in milk. It is made up of all of the essential amino acids, which are very needed in body.
Whey Protein nourishes the muscles and easy to digest.
This supplement is the first ones to be used by sportspeople during intense training.



Creatine  is produced within the body and helps  to provide and store  energy and it is a high-energy compound .Creatine can be taken in supplement form, but it occurs naturally in meat and fish. Many sports women and sports men take Creatine as a dietary supplement  to increase muscle bulk. This supplement  is intended to help sports people to boost performance  and train for longer.

Ceratine is the most popular supplement, but very important to know, that it may have side effects:undesirable effects on the muscular, on the the digestive system, potentially increasing the risk of cancer.




Supplements are used by bodybuilders,athletes,  and sports women and men  to boost their recovery,performance and strength. Supplements are available in numerous different forms: minerals, multivitamins, creatine,protein.
If you want to star take any supplements is the better consult with your doctor or accredited sports dietician who specialises in sports nutrition,the doctor can recomend to you to keep a special and balanced diet befor take supplements.



The next list of food contains much  protein :

  • products,
  • seeds,
  • fish,
  • meat,
  • pulses,
  • eggs,
  • nuts,
  • soya.

It is important for helping to repair and build  tissues and is present in every cell of the human body  . Protein also used to make a variety of additional body chemicals, hormones and enzymes, and also forming the building blocks of  muscles,blood, bones, skin, cartilage.







The calories provide a good nutrient balance and a good energy. Every correct and balanced diet  should include the next nutrients:

•Fats – important source energy  .

•Carbohydrates – these are  key energy source of all people.

•Vitamins – fat soluble and water soluble  vitamins are very important.

•Proteins – needed for the  repair and growth of body tissue and muscles.


•Water – is required for normal body functioning and carries other nutrients around the body  .

•Roughage – it very useful for a healthy digestive system .


Active and healthy life


Many people in the USA suffer from obesity. We should to think how struggle against this problem. Very nessesary to keep a balanced diet every day and staying physically active in order to maintain a healthy weight and optimum mental health.

Balanced diet  and regular exercise are the most important component of a healthy life. People  who do lead active lifestyles are generally live longer and less likely to get ill .

We carried out research and it showed that 39% of women and 44% of men were said they sedentary for 7 or more hours at weekends, and 33% of women and  32%   of men said they were sedentary for five or more hours on weekdays .

Modern BCAA


Rules For Modern BCAA

Modern BCAA is developed  under strict and accurate rules:

•No Artificial Colors

•No Regular L-Glutamine•Refreshing Taste

•BCAA Ratio formulation with mTOR activation in mind

•Mix Clean

•Ultra-Micronized Results & Value


This sport nutrition has 3 incredibly refreshing flavors:

•Fruit Punch

•White Blue Raspberry

•Grape Bubblegum (mixes clean with slight purple tint)