Nutrition choice for young sportsmen

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sportnutritionThe experts in sports nutrition think that the proper diet and development of the power supply system for young sportsmen means a lot in the future victories and sport achievements of the young athletes.

The stomachs of the sport participants should not be overloaded with food on the eve of the sport event. Still sportsmen should receive much energy necessary for muscle performance and exclusion of fatigue. The experts converge in opinion that a young sportsman should eat 2-3 hours before the competition. Drinking enough fluid is also important for preparation for the event. Water is considered to be the best liquid, soda and fruit drinks containing much sugar should be avoided.

The great physical activity that young athletes have requires the appropriate balance of nutrition. It is hard to make a nutrition plan for athletes from different sports, still the model is a balanced diet containing all the nutrients necessary for numerous activities of a sportsman.


The effect of protein is that it helps to synthesize protein molecules of the body, including muscle tissue. Amino acids of the protein prevent muscle breakdown during trainings, and provide active muscle growth. In other words, protein is responsible for growing and increasing muscle power. Young athletes must get enough protein in their daily diet.young athletes


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in our body. They should be included in every day diet of a young athlete for normal functioning of the body.

The diet of an athlete must contain high amounts of carbohydrates because only carbohydrates can give a lot of energy per unit time.


The shortage of fat in the diet of an athlete reduces the endurance and performance athlete. A diet of a young sportsman should contain fat. Not enough fat increases the amount of lactic acid in the body of an athlete. Besides, fat in the optimal concentrations is a source of energy for the heart.

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